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Price: 1289.99 GBP
- CAIR Cushion System to provide a maximised bearing surface with fluid cushioning for your horse�s working muscles. - New EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution for an unparalleled scope of adjustment enabling you to custom fit your saddle in minutes. - Precision-engineered tree for pure performance - Adjustable Flexibloc System customises your individual thigh support - Ergonomic Stirrup Bar enables closer contact and greater comfort Engineered for precision performance, the Elevation + saddle features double lined Opulence leather renowned for ultra soft and grippy characteristics for increased contact, comfort and security. After joining forces with elite show jumpers, Bates Saddles claim to have designed the world's first truly close contact jump saddle that is focused on both horse and rider performance. This saddle achieves unprecedented close contact, perfect balance and more stability for the rider from the adjustable Flexibloc system, exclusive to Bates and Wintec saddles. For the horse, the saddle features an anatomic tree that reduces any inclination for the saddle to lift, and the unique CAIR cushion system for unprecedented comfort and freedom of movement. It's one of the highest-specified saddles we've ever offered and is designed to elevate your riding to the highest standard you can achieve. size 17.5 reduced from £1725

Albion K2 Dressage 171/2 Wide Black

Price: 979.95 GBP
Albion K2 Dressage 171/2 Wide Black-Size 17.5 inches - W This classic dressage saddle is one of the longest standing and best value dressage saddles that Albion have ever created. The K2 provides a close contact feel with unrivalled support and comfort. Benefiting from many of the advanced technologies seen in the SLK and SLK Ultima, the K2 has proven to be a popular choice amongst riders from every competition level world wide. reduced from £1500

Frank Baines Reflex Jump 171/2 M Brown

Price: 1179.95 GBP
The Reflex Close Contact Saddle is designed to meet the exacting demands of Show Jumpers and Event Riders alike. The Reflex system has been researched and developed over a number of years and thoroughly tested by several leading competitive riders both home and abroad, continuing our reputation for innovation. The Reflex has been designed to combine two key features which are essential for today’s riders, a more softly padded comfortable seat that is slightly wider than normal allows excellent balance for the rider and secondly the EXP system enabling a greater bearing surface for the horse. The EXP is a design of Frank Baines that allows a larger bearing surface thus distributing the weight and pressure of the rider from the point, which drastically improves the comfort for the horse, in particular landing from a jump reduced from £1600