Guide IR IR518-EB Thermal Camera - Monocular

3495.00 GBP

Guide’s entry-level hand-held security/surveillance thermal imager, the IR518-EB features a 384x288 resolution that gives 30% more pixels than it’s nearest commercial competitor and a wider field of view. Man-sized detection remains at about 600m, but with increased resolution. All Guide Infrared thermal imagers feature a 50Hz image refresh rate that gives real time imaging. Other systems use a <9Hz system that means you will see latency or image lag in the image, especially when you are in motion (vehicle, boat etc) or you are tracking a moving object. With a 25mm lens. Features A switchable Stand-by mode where the LCD display will shutdown if not used for several minutes - the unit will automatically re-activate when brought to the eye. All models have the facility to record still (BMP) or video images (AVI) at the touch of a button on to standard SD memory cards (up to 4Gb). All IR518 models use four AA batteries that are user-interchangeable in less than 20 seconds. A ¼” tripod socket is standard on all models. An industry leading 24-month warranty with every unit. Includes Carry Case, Test Report, Software CD, Monitor Cable/USB/RS232/Mains Breakout, Ansmann Mains/Car Battery Charger, 4 x 2700Mah NiMh batteries, Neck Strap, Lens Cloth & Handstrap

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